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 Freebuzz TeaM Borkn Full Server Online New Version:2.5.0 Free For ALL

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PostSubject: Freebuzz TeaM Borkn Full Server Online New Version:2.5.0 Free For ALL   Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:19 pm

In the name of Allah
This is version 2 Srvrakhtsasy boot ! Many features have been added in this release to boot , which I will mention some of them :

put on a vps .

2 - Goth Profile : This version is optimized goth boot profile .
- Search Google for the user boot sector can do a Google search ! Boot posted by users on Google searches and search results with links to the user sends the results !

The random message : Here you can choose 4 random selection to boot .# you have separated the users will send randomly !
Automatic Answer : This is the place where my boot was in earlier versions of the boot is placed . Question and answer portion of the boot to give the example, you write: "Hello " and the Jvabd : " Lyk " In this case, if the user I will send word to boot the boot password for the user will send Lyk !

Message to all : This section is the message to send to all your list. !
The boot supports three languages
Could lead to a
The boot is quite specific and does not plan any ads you
It 's free
This price is only ten thousand riyals
This boot has
Rymvtr remote command
I refer to the instructions
All orders are as follows:
If you have any criticism or suggestions on my ID ie your ED rasolahwazi@Nimbuzz.com
All further information is as follows
y/ Yahoo images with this recipe
f/ photos with this recipe on f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k
to/ images with this recipe Twitter
n/ pictures behind the scenes insight with this recipe
nick1/ bank rating scheme
nick2/ bank rating scheme
nick3/ bank rating scheme
nick4/ bank rating scheme
nick5/ bank rating scheme
nick6/ bank rating scheme
nick7/ bank rating scheme
nick8/ bank rating scheme
nick9/ bank rating scheme
nick10/ bank rating scheme
nick11/ bank rating scheme
nick12/ bank rating scheme
nick13/ bank rating scheme
nick14/ bank rating scheme
nick15/ bank rating scheme
arabic1/ Arabic ID listed for sale
sym/ Symbol ID to Shopping List
or / ID Avrj shopping list
addarabic/ IDI Arabic to add this recipe to List
addsym/ IDI Symbol add to the list with the same recipe
addorg/ IDI Avrj to add this recipe to List
nazar/ Ed Maine had to offer in terms of the same order
unblock/ block ID for this command
google/ Google search with the same commands for Surge
allist/ Oded complete list see the same user Beria ordered
onlist/ Online Users list, the number of observations of the same order
Iran's official date and time with the same time in order
p/ Profile ID for this command
jok/ jokes for users with this command
addjok/ add jokes to users with this command
love/ romantic words for the same command
addlove/ add text love with this recipe
soft/ soft for the users see the same recipe
addsoft/ Add this recipe to shopping list application Ling
music/ song of the same order
addmusic/ cart Add music in the same order
symbian/ newest version of the same recipe behind the scenes insight
android/ behind the scenes insight to the most recent version of this recipe
java/ behind the scenes insight to the most recent version of this recipe
pc/ newest version of the same recipe behind the scenes insight
...../ ..... jokes
...../ ..... words Romance
...../ ..... images
...../ Video .....
idkhora/ ID list of all the drinkers with a # infinity # infinity are
polkhora/ Money List Eaters
love/id1:id2 Booth says the love of your favorite
Boot Commands s2a#id#password#Your message#subject


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Freebuzz TeaM Borkn Full Server Online New Version:2.5.0 Free For ALL
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